The Fall Tour planned and led by Bruce Day with an open invitation to anyone wanting to join them.  This 120-mile overnight excursion leaves Big Looy's in the old Walmart Shopping Center in Hendersonville and leisurely peddles to Red Boiling Springs,TN.  Non-cycling significant others are encouraged to meet bikers in Red Boiling Springs.


Red Boiling Springs has three historic Motels close to each other along Main Street. The Thomas House has the most character and does a Halloween presentation of the many ghosts rumored to stalk its halls. Most rooms in the Thomas House are already booked but there are still places for the dinner theater and ghost presentation. The next best in my estimation is the Armour House. It has sixteen rooms and is the only one still offering mineral baths, massage available by appointment. The Armour House also has Wifi for those who cannot live without the internet. The Donoho Hotel is the largest and in my experience puts on the best feed but otherwise is my least favorite. I suggest we make reservations at the Armour house till it fills up then the Donoho.
Dogwoods are just turning and the leaves should be in fine form on Saturday October 24, and Sunday October 25, a bye week for the Titans. There are long and short options both days, From and to Hendersonville will be about 60 miles each day. From and to Hartsville will be about 28 miles each day.The routes are different from 2007, though I know some will dearly miss day two's hill on Echo road.
    Routes are the same from Hartsville to Red Boiling Springs on day 1. Day 2 the two groups will separate at Lafayette with the short riders heading down the ridge to Hartsville and the longer riders proceeding on 52 to Westmoreland and the down the ridge on Old. US 31 E.

 - 8:00AM: Long riders leave from Hendersonville.
 - 10:45AM: Short riders meet Long riders at the City park in Hartsville (across the street from the Police station and next to the old tobacco warehouse.)
- 1:30PM: Non riding spouses leave Hendersonville
- 2:30PM: All arrive at Red Boiling Springs

Socialize and eat, maybe go to dinner theater.

- AM: Eat breakfast & ride back Long ride /Short ride

My old van is available to anyone wishing to use it to drive and leave in Hartsville.

. . . Bruce