September 17th, 18th,  2016
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     It's the first day of Summer and Fall will be here before we know it, that means it’s time to start thinking about the Fogbee’s annual overnight ride to Red Boiling Springs. Bruce Day has done a fantastic job with this ride over the years and there is no way I can fill his shoes, but maybe with a little help from my friends we can make it happen.

     This ride is a Fogbee tradition. Red Boiling Springs is located just the right distance from Hendersonville with the Hartsville option to make a nice one day ride for every rider level. It goes through beautiful scenery and although we ride in September opposed to October when the leaves are turning it’s still a beautiful ride. The roads are generally smooth with low traffic. Dennis and Debra Emery of Armour's Hotel are great hosts. This trip fills up fast but there is room for everyone with three hotel options in Red Boiling Springs and they all are near one another. 

     Each day will be about 60 miles, with talk of a Thursday/Friday or Friday option (to be determined later) routes will be similar to last year with possibility a few changes.  Hartsville is about midway so anyone wanting to do just 30 miles can make arrangements to start and/or finish there. If you plan to leave a car in Hartsville overnight, let me know so I can clear it with the local authorities. They have provided a secure place in the past but the location changes from time to time.

Day 1 Saturday, September 17th All times approximate, except first day start.

- 8:00 am Long Riders Assemble at Sam's Sports Bar Parking lot, or Blue Grass Bar and Grill (TBD) leave 8:30 am

- 11:00 am Meet with short riders in Hartsville, Lunch in Hartsville (location TBD)

- 11:45 pm Leave Hartsville and ride to Red Boiling Springs.

- 3:00 pm Arrive at Red Boiling Springs Armour's Hotel. Refreshments, social time, cigars on the porch.

- 6:00 pm Dinner at Armour's Hotel

Day 2 Sunday, September 18th 2016

- 8:00 am Breakfast at Armour's Hotel

- 8:45 am Leave Red Boiling Springs

- 11:00 am Regroup in Hartsville. Short riders take off in cars.

- 11:30 Lunch at Keller's near Castalian Springs (optional). 

- 12:30 pm Passing Through Gallatin. Perhaps snack. Louie Law takes over here.

- 2:00 pm Arrive Back at Sam's Sport's Bar or BGBG.

     No SAG has been arranged and as in the past, the ride director does not dare tell non riding significant others (NRSO) what to do. If anyone wants to volunteer to SAG, that will gladly be incorporated into the plan. It is expected that NRSO will plan their schedules to carpool and ferry refreshing beverages for the thirsty riders to have on arrival at Red Boiling Springs.

     Any questions let me know and I’ll try to answer or will get you an answer, any ideas let me know, any volunteer’s to help with some arrangement’s…let me know.



If you are planning on riding the 3 day or 2 day tour to Red Boiling Springs please read this post in its entirety as there are some intricate details that you need to know.

Less than a week before we head out to Red Boiling Springs with one of the largest groups ever for this annual FOGBEE tradition (23 riders). A new twist this year is the addition of the Friday route thru Gordonsville to Center Hill Marina at Cove Hollow and on to Red Boiling Springs on Saturday being lead my Mike Knake. Thanks to Mike for coordinating this portion of the ride.

I will try to cover all the details in this post but if I miss anything or you have any questions, corrections or comments please feel free to reach out to Mike (Friday/Saturday 3 day long riders) or myself (Saturday/Sunday 2 day riders).
Both days will depart from Blue Grass Bar & Grill Parking Lot corner of East Main and Bonita Prky. meet at 8:00AM depart no later than 8:30AM 

Luggage & coolers: Friday Riders – Sherry Baisel will be at Bluegrass with an SUV and can haul everyone’s bags and coolers
Luggage and coolers: Saturday Riders- A few options for you. Doug Depew’s wife Marsha has agreed to be at the start Saturday morning and can carry bags to RBS.  Traci Short (White House) is available for Saturday and Sunday also, but you will need to contact her and make arrangements to get your bags/coolers to her Friday afternoon or evening. Contact me for Traci’s numbers if needed. Marsha will drop the bags and coolers at my house on Sunday afternoon and you can pick them up there (off Saundersville Road).

Light snacks & refreshments: -  Non-riding significant others will hopefully bring a few snacks. If you desire any specific favorites bring them along or make arrangements with someone driving up Saturday. Be sure to show your appreciation with a thank you and a few bucks to help offset the cost.

Remember for Saturday at RBS it is BYOB or arrange for your refreshments.

Cigars: Afternoon cigars with an adult beverage or soda on the porch, bring your favorite smoke.

Saturday Night Dinner & Sunday Breakfast: You really don’t want to miss these meals. It is planned for all of us to have dinner at the Armours House Saturday evening at 6:00PM. Breakfast Saturday morning at the Armours is a real treat. For those staying at the Donoho or Thomas House you will need to make arrangements with Dennis (615-699-2180) on your meal intentions or let him know Saturday afternoon. Also if you have any dietary request advise Dennis at the Armours.

                                                                Agenda and Routes

 Blue Grass Bar & Grill Parking Lot corner of East Main and Bonita Prky.

                                                       Friday Sept. 16th 3 Day Riders:
                                                         Friday to Cove Hollow
                                                Center Hill Marina at Cove Hollow
  • Will meet and leave from Blue Grass Bar & Grill at 8:00AM and depart by 8:30AM
  • Sherry Baisel will be at BGBG with an SUV and can haul everyone's bags and coolers.
  • Lunch in Hartsville at Dillehay's meat and three on the square.
  • Friday night Dinner: We plan on grilling out at cabin 10. Please pack whatever you want to grill and drink.
  • Don't forget the cigars.
                                                  Saturday Sept 17th (3 day riders only)
                                                                  Cove Hollow to RBS
Friday riders if you have any questions, concerns, comments or anything missed please let Mike K know.

                                                              Saturday Sept. 17th (2 day riders)
                                                                     H'ville RBS Saturday Route
  • Will meet and leave from Blue Grass Bar and Grill at 8:00AM and depart by 8:30 AM
  • Meet White House riders at Buckingham store on Long Hollow Pike in Gallatin.
  • NOTE: If anyone is starting and ending in Hartsville.
                                                                          Hartsville to RBS
  • Lunch in Hartsville; several option's with a couple of new ones. Dillehay's café (meat & three), Nana's Café (Country traditional) and new this year The Hartsville Taco Co. with adult beverage selections if you so desire. Also local fast food is available a few blocks away.
                                                                    Sunday Sept 18th:
                                                                  Day 3 Return Long
                                                                  Hartsville Return Day 3
  • 8:00AM Breakfast at Armour's
  • 9:00AM Begin ride back to Hendersonville
  • ETA 10:30AM; Lafayette. Last services until mile 41
  • 11:30AM - 12:30PM: Castalian Springs Dollar General at intersection of Governor Hall and HWY 25, snacks and water fill up. "Looy's Law" Applies from here back to Hendersonville/White House.
  • If anyone has a flat at least one or two stay with them, the group should continue on and regroup at a convenient location later.
  • Sunday has no defined lunch stop, hasn't been used in years past. Places are available in Lafayette, Castalian Springs and Gallatin.
  • You are responsible to ensure your luggage and coolers make it onto a vehicle to and from Red Boiling Springs. You may use one of the options listed above or have your own method.
  • Be sure to bring money for lunches and snacks while on the ride.
  • There are appox 23 riders in two separate groups leaving Friday and Saturday and most returning on Sunday, let's be safe, watch out for one another and have a great FOGBEE weekend. I also believe  someone is having a birthday that weekend.
  • If we've missed anything please reach out and let us know.
Woody and Mike K