Fogbee Red Boiling Springs Ride 2013

October 19, 20, 2013

      It's that time of year again. Talk of football, shorter days, and the annual Fogbee ride to Red Boiling Springs. This ride is a Fogbee tradition.

      Red Boiling Springs is located just the right distance from Hendersonville with the Hartsville option to make a nice one day ride for every rider level. It goes through beautiful scenery. The leaves should be in fine color about then. The roads are generally smooth with low traffic. Dennis and Debra Emery of Armour's Hotel are great hosts. This is the most requested repeat overnight getaway among all our trips.

Each day will be about 60 miles. Hartsville is about midway so anyone wanting to do just 30 miles can make arrangements to start and/or finish there. If you plan to leave a car in Hartsville overnight, let me know so I can clear it with the local authorities. They have provided a secure place in the past but the location changes from time to time.

All times approximate, except first day start.
Day 1 Saturday, Day 1 route   Day 1 Cue
8:00 am   Long Riders Assemble at Sam's Sports Bar Parking lot, leave 8:30 am
Since no one has requested the short option we will bypass Hartsville. Rest stop opportunity at mile 18. Lunch at mile 44 at  Agave's Mexican in Wal-Mart center on right in Lafayette.

3:00 pm   Arrive at Red Boiling Springs Armour's Hotel.
Lunch     Agave's Mexican, Lafayette in Walmart Center
6:00 pm   Dinner at Armour's Hotel

Day 2 Sunday, Day 2 Route  Day 2 Cue
8:00 am   Breakfast at Armour's Hotel
8:45 am   Leave Red Boiling Springs
11:00 am Regroup in Hartsville. Short riders take off in cars.
11:30 am Lunch at Keller's near Castalian Springs. (NB. Nearby Shadow Warrior Military supply now carries assault rifles, ammo, and assorted supplies. I especially like their wool socks.)
12:30 pm Passing Through Gallatin. Perhaps snack.  Louie Law takes over about here.
2:00 pm   Arrive Back at Sam's Sport's bar.

No SAG has been arranged and as in the past, the ride director does not dare tell non riding significant others (NRSO) what to do. If anyone wants to volunteer to SAG, that will gladly be incorporated into the plan. It is expected that NRSO will plan their schedules to carpool and ferry refreshing beverages for the thirsty riders to have on arrival at Red Boiling Springs.

For more information about the Red Boiling Springs Hotels, see the Fall Tour - 2012 below.

Bruce Day, Ride Director